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Rivet Machines
Rivet Setting Machines
A wide range of ‘Fully Reconditioned’ Rivet setting machines always available and supplied tooled to suit your applications.
300: A Power operated Automatic Twin Feed machine for setting two semi-tubular or bifurcated rivet up to 16 mm in length of stroke 240: As Universal as 120 machine but used when it is necessary for the operator to stand up, and where the components are a lot larger. 220: Power Operated Automatic Feed Rivet Machine for setting Semi-Tubular, Tubular and Bifurcated Rivets up to 16 mm (5/8") in length. 153: Used in the assembly of tubular steel furniture, baby carriages and ladders
120: This is our most popular and versatile machine and caters for an extensive range of applications using our middle range of rivets. Is capable of setting in excess of 2,000 rivets per hour. Employed for riveting Handles to paint Cans and Washing Powder Containers, etc.
101: Machine used in an extensive range of Domestic, Electrical and Automotive components. Including Brake shoes/ Clutch linings & Window Hinges. Employed for rivets between 9/64" and 1/4" dia. 70/10: Has been specifically designed for high volume, high quality applications that require small, light fasteners. It is used extensively in the electrical and electronics industries for the manufacture of P.C.B's, microswitches and sub-assemblies for motors. 42: It is the foot operated version of the 120 machine. Ideal for extensive range of leather goods, employing bifurcated rivets- also electrical components and many other applications where medium range rivets can be employed. 50: A Foot Operated Automatic Feed Machine for setting Semi-Tubular, Tubular and Bifurcated Rivets up to 16mm (5/8") in length. Heavy Duty: Rivet setting machine incorporating mechanical interlock guard assembly automatic rivet feed 3 phase electrics.
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