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Rivet Machines
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Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Rivet setting machine, incorporating mechanical interlock guard assembly automatic rivet feed 3 phase electrics.
Flexible and Cost Effective

• Sets a wide range of rivet sizes, up to 6.35mm (1/4”) up to 42mm long
• Capable of setting self-piercing rivets, opening up greater production possibilities.
• Economical in operation,
• Can set up to 120 rivets per minute, maximising productivity.
• Can be modified for use in special production modules offering customised high speed fastener techniques.
§ Large 12” throat depth

Ease of operation

• Freefall safety probe and mechanical interlock guard provide operator safety while retaining full accessibility around the machine.

Production Continuity

• Well proven components designed to perform to the highest standards in all environments.
• Designed for minimum maintenance.
• Large capacity autofeed hopper ensures uninterrupted production.
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