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Heavy Duty
The 101 has been developed for particularly demanding applications, and is used for the assembly of an extensive range of domestic, electrical and automotive components, including brake shoes, clutch linings and architectural hardware.

Flexible and Cost Effective

• Sets a wide range of rivet sizes, reducing overall capital investment.
• Capable of setting self-piercing rivets, opening up greater production possibilities.
• Economical in operation,
• Can set up to 180 rivets per minute, maximising productivity.
• Can be modified for use in special production modules offering customised high speed fastener techniques.

Ease of Operation

• Pneumatic clutch option available - eases and quickens operation, increasing productivity. Multi-position pedal gives greater operator comfort. Reduced noise levels help improve working conditions.
• Freefall safety probe and mechanical interlock guard provide operator safety while retaining full accessibility around the machine.

Production Continuity

• Well proven components designed to perform to the highest standards in all environments.
• Designed for minimum maintenance.
• Large capacity autofeed hopper ensures uninterrupted production.

101 Machine
Technical Specification
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