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Machine 42
Heavy Duty
The 42 has been developed for an extensive range of light applications, such as leather goods, luggage, stationery products and electrical assemblies.

Flexible and Cost Effective

•Maximum versatility for low original outlay
•Capable of setting a wide range of rivet sizes.
• Ideal for companies requiring production flexibility for small or large batch runs.

Ease of Operation

• Large work envelope ensures easy access around machine.
• Manual operation accompanied by 'sighting' facility ensures highly accurate positioning of small or awkward components.
• Static area work guard ensures high safety levels while retaining full accessibility around the machine.

Production Continuity

• Well proven components designed to perform to the
highest standards in all environments.
• Designed for minimum maintenance.
• Large capacity autofeed hopper ensures uninterrupted production.
• Extensive stocks of tooling and parts are always held and 48 hour U.K. service cover is available to all customers.

42 Machine
Technical Specification
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