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Spring Centre Post Anvil
Replace & Adjust Centre Pin
  1. Remove the base plug together with centre pin adjusting screw and lock.
  2. Remove the main pin and spring.
  3. Remove the old centre pin and replace with new one. In the case of two-part centre pins, use the old centre pin base if still serviceable, otherwise replace.
  4. Replace the main pin, but NOT the spring.
  5. Replace the base plug and screw right home.
  6. Push the centre pin right down and adjust it up or down, as the case may be, by means of the centre pin adjusting screw, until the profile makes a continuous surface with that of the body. The pin can be set slightly high but never too low. See the three diagrams to the left.
  7. Tighten the locknut taking care not to move adjustment.
  8. Remove plug from the anvil body complete with adjusting screw and locknut, but taking care not to slacken the lock nut in doing so.
  9. Insert the spring by passing it over the lower end of the main pin.
  10. Replace the base plug and screw it right home.

The Anvil is now ready to use!

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